Communities for Coders & Developers

“Communities are a group of people with shared interests and particular characteristics that may or may not be living in the same place.”

List of communities for Coders & Developers

The communities that I have joined or would recommend the following for developers are:

Online Communities for App Developers

If you looking for App Developers communities then following would be helpful as well:

More for Android Developers

Search for Android Developer Meetups:

Conferences for Android Developer

As for conferences, there are too many that I can list here so check out this promising, community-driven which has a list of Android Developer conferences.

Slack Communities for Android Developer

If you are acquainted with Slack, you would know that there countless Slack communities for just about everything. But for android developers specifically, these two Slack communities could help:

For reddit users, here are the links to subreddits you should consider subscribing to:

To consume content as a app developer, here are a few tags and community-driven publications to get you started:

Joining a community isn’t enough but adding your contribution to it is what makes a difference. Take up space, own it, and contribute value to your fellow citizens.




Jack of all trades, master of few. One of a fun project I am working on is

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Jack of all trades, master of few. One of a fun project I am working on is

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